Fabric Ribbon Love

Wandering Chick Fabric Ribbon

My Grandma (in law) gave my a bunch of fabulous fabric during a 4th of July trip.  It included a variety of vintage fabric that I loved.  As I was organizing my fabric a couple weekends ago I ran acrossed it again and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it, fabric ribbon! First, I gathered my supplies: fabric, rotary cutter (straight edge and scalloped blade), cutting mat and see thru ruler.Wandering Chick Fabric RibbonNext, I decided the thickness I wanted on the fabric, I choose some with under 1/2 inch all the way up to 2 inches.  Then I cut the fabric into strips.Wandering Chick Fabric Ribbon

Look how fun my fabric ribbon turned out!

Wandering Chick Fabric Ribbon


And look how nice it looks on bags and packages. I have been tying them to presents too!

Wandering Chick Fabric RibbonWandering Chick Fabric Ribbon







I am so glad I had this great stash for such a useful thing!  I don’t know what I did without my fabric ribbon!

Happy Wandering



The Right Part Time Job for Me


I am so thankful that I am able to have such an awesome second job. Right now, we’re going through a bit of a bump and we need a little extra cash to make things work. I applied for a part time job at the YMCA around the corner from my house, the timing didn’t work out. Over spring break I made a decision to work on Wandering Chick. I looked through fabric I had stock piles of and worked on new products for the shop and I “relaunched” Wandering Chick on Etsy. I have been so grateful for the positive response it has gotten over the last couple months. I would have never had this much fun or flexibility if I had gotten that other part time job. There are so many benefits to a “work from home” second job.

I make your own schedule
The cats help me work
I work in sweatpants, pajamas or leggings
I can work for 10 mins at a time
I take breaks to make waffles
I give my products as presents
I can make my tags or work on other things on my front porch in the sun
I listen to audio books or Pandora while I work
Part of my job is to write about the love of my job on this blog
I can make things for my classroom as prototypes
My husband and I share a work space so we often work together
I can drink as much coffee as I want
I walk up to the post office to mail my packages
I can be creative in every aspect of my shop from the products to the packaging
I can try new things and have time to fail

So this morning as I write my “to do” list in bed, organizing my thoughts for the weekend, I feel excited about what new things Wandering Chick will bring, instead of sitting behind a desk answering phones. I feel so blessed.

Best of all, I can take time to wander on my weekends


Custom Ordering is Easy at Wandering Chick!

I wanted to share with everyone how easy it can be to custom order from Wandering Chick.  Someone who had made a previous order thought my iPad pillow would make a fabulous gift for a friend, but wanted one with purples and blues.  She let me know through the conversation option on Etsy.  She said, “I don’t see any purples, would I be able to get one in dark purples or blues?”  I responded, “I will be making a trip to my local fabric store this weekend and would happy to get some samples for you.”  After I had a blast looking for new fabric (who wouldn’t right?) I sent her some photos of the fabric choices I found.




She chose the fabrics she wanted and bam, custom order ready!

P1000296I’ll send her a link to her order on my Etsy site and everything is just as always at check out.  So easy right? So, what ideas do you have for a custom order?

Happy Wandering


New Camera = New Zipper Pouch

New Camera = New Zipper Pouch

One of my Big Brothers gave me a new camera for Christmas (we celebrated a bit late this year). A new camera means a new zipper pouch! I’ve had this fabric for a while and just rediscovered it and used it for a recent burp cloth order. I knew the perfect use for it this. My new pouch has curvy yellow stripes inside, I love it!